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The Relationship Between Nazi Ideology And Foreign Policy

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The Relationship Between Nazi Ideology and Hitler's Foreign Policy

From the day Adolf Hitler was appointed German Chancellor on the 30th of January 1933 to the outbreak of the second world war on the 1st of September 1939 Nazi Ideology played a highly significant role in shaping Germany's foreign policy. Almost every move Hitler made in foreign policy is connected to Nazi Ideology and the National Socialist program (Hitler's 25 points.) Although closely linked to the highly immoral Ideology of the Nazis Hitler's foreign policy program was an amazing success. He reached many of the goals he had planned for the short term by late 1938 and had managed to avoid another war. If he had been ...view middle of the document...

The treaty was seen by most Germans as unjust and humiliating. Hitler and the Nazis despised this treaty and sought to destroy it. They believed only by ending the restrictions on Germany could their nation thrive once again and become a 'Greater Germany.' By 1939 Hitler had all but demolished what was left of the Treaty of Versailles.
One of the Key points of Nazi Ideology is "Blut und Boden" or the defence of blood and soil. So Hitler's plans for German re armament are also closely linked to Nazi Ideology. As well as that for Germany to regain International status and to begin its long term expansion goals (both Integral parts of Nazi ideology) an adequate army would be necessary. However the restrictions and limitations placed on Germany after World War One made this legally impossible. The Treaty of Versailles stated Germany's army had to consist of no more than 100,000 soldiers. Tanks, submarines and an air force were not allowed and everything else had very tight restrictions enforced. If Germany's army violated the limits that the Treaty of Versailles allowed it could provoke a war or an invasion of Germany from one of their enemies and without a sizeable army Germany would not be able to defend herself. Despite his precarious situation in March 1935, using the excuse that France was lengthening its conscription time Britain was increasing its air force capacity Hitler reintroduced conscription to Germany. Hitler boldly announced to the world his intentions of enlarging his 'peace time army' to a considerable 36 divisions or approximately 600,000 men. Even though Hitler had directly breached the Treaty of Versailles nothing was done to stop him. In June 1935 the Anglo-German Naval Agreement allowed Germany to even further expand its armed forces by allowing a German Navy that was limited to only 35% of the capacity of the British Navy. By the end of 1938 Germany's army had grew to a formidable force of 51 battalions or approximately 800,000 men, it had 21 large watercraft, 47 submarines and an air force consisting of over 2000 aircraft.
The Nazis believed that in order for Germany to become great it was necessary to expand her boarders by regaining land that previously belonged to them but was lost at the end of World War One and to take new land from neighbouring countries. This was referred to as "Lebensraum" or Living space. Land with a significant population of native German speakers was considered particularly valuable. These same beliefs are reflected in Hitler's eastern expansion program. Hitler began the expansion of Germany by making a risky attempt to regain control of the demilitarised Rhineland. Troops had orders to withdraw at the first sign of French opposition but the amount of resistance that came was minimal and Hitler consoled the French by offering them a 25 year peace treaty. Once again this was a breach of the Treaty of Versailles. After his success with the Rhineland Hitler carried out his long term plan...

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