The Relationships Between Middle Ages And Renaissance Historical Art Periods

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The term “Middle Ages” was used by Italian historians in the 15th and 16th centuries. The culture at that time was similar to that of ancient Rome and Greece but different from the time between the fall of Rome and that time (Hanawalt, 1998). This period was later replaced by the Renaissance period and has been described as a period of rebirth where ancient techniques were revived and new ones developed leading to more success in the art industry. Artists were inspired by the recovery of Greco-Roman heritage from the East and the importation of Byzantine examples to the West (Zirpolo, 2008). This essay discusses the relationship between the Middle Ages and Renaissance historical art ...view middle of the document...

They were also able to enjoy the honor that was earlier denied to artists in the Middle Ages period which had a collectivist mind-set. Efforts made by individuals were recognized and rewarded competitively.

Renaissance revived old ancient techniques and developed new ones to achieve greater success. The art of Renaissance functioned as an object for religious instruction and devotion but secular themes were also introduced to diversify the work and give the artists a chance to be more creative (Ames-Lewis, 2002). This art became a precious product that could be appreciated, collected and sold due to its artistic qualities as opposed to the Middle Ages which was a mere utilitarian object. There was rivalry among artists that resulted in the most significant achievements in the art’s history. Artists invented new products and intensified their work leading to remarkable developments to the arts industry.

There were many differences between the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. The Middle Ages art was modestly scaled and the creations were less complicated while the Renaissance work was monumental with more sophisticated features (Zirpolo, 2008). The Renaissance showed the abilities of individual artists which enabled them to celebrate their achievements. Artists were honored during the Renaissance period as opposed to Middle Ages. Secular themes were introduced alongside religious and devotion themes during the Renaissance while Middle Ages arts were purely for devotion and religious instruction. Renaissance also saw art as prestigious objects as opposed to the Middle Ages where art was viewed as utilitarian. The Renaissance period was characterized by competition between the artists and the patrons leading to creativity and innovation (Zirpolo, 2008). The Middle Ages lacked competition as the objects were meant for religious purposes. However, objects in both periods were used for religious instructions and devotion. Ancient techniques were applied during both periods and traditional tools were used in creating their work.

The main purpose for deviation from the Middle Ages art to adopt the Renaissance was the recovery of Greco-Roman heritage from East and importation of Byzantine examples to the West. The ancient techniques were...

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