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The Religious Life Of Planet Earth

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My superiors sent me from my peaceful home plant of Gallifrey. Our religion is complex, but very important to my people. Our beliefs focus on the cause, nature, and purpose in this universe. We are a peaceful people that are called Time Lords. We receive our name for our non-linear perception of time which us allows us to see everything that was, is, or could be at the same time. Because of this we value all life and see the absolute beauty in all life large and small. My superiors feel that the in habitants of the Planet Earth are in religious term-oil because they all believe in many different religions, most of which having the same idea as the ...view middle of the document...

Most live in peace, and do not make war because God forbids harm other beings. He is a very important aspect of their everyday lives; such as praying for those around them that are in need and asking for blessings over food. They can’t see him but his presence is supernatural and divine. They believe he controlled their past, so he controls their future. Christians believe all of these things and follow is rules in hopes to one day be reunited with their God in Heaven for everlasting life. They love him and teach their children about him and they love him as well. They, with whole hearts, believe their God is omnipotent, omniscient, and he is always with them. He is compassionate, loving, merciful, and he is the only God to worship.

Superiors, even with all this love and compassion there are those Christians that are radicals that do not practice the peaceful teaching that I have had the pleasure to witness first hand. These radicals practice hate and racism. One such group is The Westboro Baptist Church. This group takes small pieces of scripture from the Bible to give justification to their hatred of homosexuals, political authorities, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism. (Church, 1952-2012) This group has made its appearance through the worlds media channels such as television news, radio, and the internet. This groups strongest tool is the internet. They have gained massive followings through this outlet. This group is most...

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