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The Reluctant Workers Essay

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For successful project management, communication has to be a core skill of a project manager (Kerzner, 2009). Effective communications mean the receiver gets the message intended by the sender. This is important as the manager has to pass to his team the objectives and processes of the project. It conveys the ideas and expectations of the manager, the team, and the client. Otherwise, if there is a communication breakdown, there is an impasse as the manager is unable to coordinate the team. The barriers to communication need to be analyzed in terms of the source of the barrier, channels used feedback, the sender, or receiver. The removal of barriers is crucial for effective communication. A ...view middle of the document...

Transformational leadership inspires the team, with visions of the future, completion of objectives and growth and development of the team’s technical skills. This is aided by personal attributes such as self-confidence as you cannot motivate anyone if you lack motivation yourself. Positive outlook and attitude is imperative in a leader as negative attitude dampens the spirit of the workers. A leader has to have emotional intelligence or in other words, empathy to be able to understand his team (Lock, 2007). For you to accomplish an objective you have to persuade your team to believe in the same goal. Being a role model is part of leadership. Management of the performance of the team and provision of support and development or growth of the team’s technical skills is all part of leadership. The type of leadership also matters, whether it is laissez faire, micromanagement, hands on, hands off, or a mixture.
Analysis of Tim Aston Exercise of His Skills and his Effectiveness
Tim Aston’s skills in dealing with his project staff and functional manager leave a lot to be desired. His functional managers are not accountable due to his laissez faire leadership. Thus, they are sabotaging his projects. He has not take charge or control of the team therefore; there is no cohesive team to work on project’s objectives. With no leadership, the project management is non-existent and the team is drifting like a rudderless ship. No direction of the team meant the morale and motivation of the team members is extremely low. Being a new addition to the team, the other team members are crowding out thus he has no chance to provide them with any expertise he might have. He lacks emotional intelligence in thinking he can just come in among his subordinates who are older than him and gain their trust and confidence. He has no self-confidence in himself hence he runs to higher authority instead of facing the challenges head on . This further erodes the team confidence in him as he cannot act as role model for the team.
Tim Aston has not taught his team the importance of time management. By leaving them to manage their official time the way they want, he undermines the achievement of the project’s goals or objectives. Time management, being vital successful completion of a project, has to be inculcated into the team at all cost. A person who is not willing to respect time allocated to the project should not be part of the team. The issue of employees going on vacation or doing other activities instead of accomplishing important projects should not arise. Once time is set aside for projects it should become non-negotiable, thus workers will come to respect the projects goals. As the goals set are met, self-motivation within the team will rise.
Lack of communication by Tim Aston has contributed...

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