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The Report "E Marketing In Tourism With Emphasis On Marriott's" Looks Into The Development Of The Internet Technology In The Company

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The report "E-Marketing in tourism with emphasis on Marriott's" looks into the development of the internet technology in the market place. The Study starts with a look into the tourism industry with relation to the development of the internet. It then goes into the history and development of The Marriott's chain, the company's IT developments and various ...view middle of the document...

The study then uses Porter's five force model and Vassos road map to analyze IT applications with respect to marketing and sales. The study then analyzes the company's website and also puts forward certain advantages and disadvantages the company has.The study shows that Marriott's have been very successful in implementing technology. This can be seen from the fact that presently 75% of their bookings are done online. They also have a very strong virtual market place. Using Vassos road map one can say that the company is at the final phase i.e. strategic transformation phase which consists of globalizing the products and differentiation. The study looks into the advantages and disadvantages of virtual market place for Marriott's. One can say that the development of internet technology has reorganized the method of doing business and we can see that Marriott's is one of the examples in successfully implementing the technology for growth and development.

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