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The Representation Of Family And Sexuality In “Brave New World” And “Love On The Dole”

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The Representation of family and sexuality in “Brave new world” and “Love on the Dole”

Through the centuries, both family life and sexuality were very important to every human being, not only as a mean of procreation, but also as an irreplaceable source of mental stability and happiness. Both equally important - when the child is born as an effect of procreation, there must be a family to raise it. Unfortunately, even today these two aspects of our lives are being socially separated from each other, like they can exist without each other, or replace each other. Can they? There always was a border of social acceptation between those two areas of life. But where exactly the ...view middle of the document...

In the book there are two women, deprived of their natural place in society. Lenina, young Gamma woman, who is not accepted, as she doesn't has as many lovers as her friends. Sometimes she thinks about finding love, but those thoughts are stifled. On the other hand - Linda, a Beta, which - by the accident - is left in the reservation for savages, who still live according to old ethics. Linda soon finds her partner there and takes a painful lessons of morality she doesn't know. Her son, John, fells in love with Lenina, which reciprocates his feelings, but doesn't know how to express it. This sad story represents two extreme edges of perception of love - John, who still believes in one and only love, painful sacrifices and faithfulness, and Lenina - shallow girl, which refers all her feelings to sexual intercourse. And there’s is still Linda - after she came back to her lovely world, just to find out that as a mother she is no longer accepted - she overdosed soma to death.

Let's get a little closer look for a figures of Lenina and Linda. Both are women of wicked world, where gender doesn't really matter. Both are deprived of their feminity. As women, nature created them as beings, who need tenderness as much as water and air. But out there, the situation is different. The woman is no longer a virgin, a mother, or a respectable old, wise lady. She is deprived of possibility to develop, maturation, gaining and sharing experiences. Women are now forced to be beautiful, slim and attractive from youth to the age of death, or in the other words, she’s reduced to being a sexual object, taught to play ‘erotic games’ with boys from early childhood. Told that they must be happy and pretty at all time. Of course there are many instruments to help them reach that goal – a squad of plastic surgeons and medicals, ready to correct every sign of passing time, wipe off every pucker, every crease, every unneeded gram of fat.

As though Lenina was attractive and self-confident, inside she knew that the affection she gets is only temporary. She seeks the feeling she's deprived of. She doubts the words of her friends, who tell her she has to get a pregnancy substitute, because she started acting queer. But when she stands in front of a man, who is full of doubts – which came out to be partly her doubts, too – she steps away, getting back to the world of rules she knows. The real world of real feelings – which, by the way, happen to be painful sometimes – is just too much for her.

Meanwhile Linda, who used to be beautiful Beta, rolls down physically in the world, that isn't her world. After she makes love to another woman's man, she becomes an object of rumors and jokes in the village. She becomes an alien in both worlds. She gets love from a man, and she gets love from a son, but still they can't protect her from society. She stands broken between her real needs of having a family - what is told it's the worst thing that...

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