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The Representation Of Women Essay

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Drama Feb 11/09 Shakespeare A midsummer night’s dream (only man play parts of women) Set in Athens Also set in the palace of Theseus, forest were the fairies are at, fairy world Hermia is in love with Lysander but is told by her father to marry dymitrius who Helena loves Puck and the fairy world Representation of women: low. Man were superior Marriage: serious institution, wife obedience to the husbands. Thesiuswas very eager to have a wedding. Arrange marriage was common and divorce was difficult to do. Love: Love circle between Hermia and Lysander and Helena and dymitrius. Dreams:the unconscious of the mind. Most of the action is taken place during the night time. Theatre and dream or reality and fantasy. Fantasy is another reality. Dream havebeen important ...view middle of the document...

Tom snout, robin starveling a mature artist make a play of a lion like Romeo and Juliet but presented very comical march 4-28 absent TEL 1005 new tutorial room When doing the essay state which question you are doing Midsummer night’s dream Dream and reality: Dreamer Hermia dreamed of a serpent Serpent represents a bad symbol representing the devil, betrayal (in the play it could represent sexual) After hernia’s dream she accuses Demetrius of killing Lysander Accuses Lysander as a sexual threat Interpreter theorist depend on culture Predictive Direct Indirect- metaphor (Reality vs. dream) Love: Hermia and Lysander / Helena and Demetrius/duke and hypollita/Oberon and titiana Romantic Love- between lovers (not stable) Mature Love-hypolita and duke (has a patriartical power somehow stable) Married Love-oberon and titiana romantic love vs. Mature love Athens vs. Woods Magic vs. Fantasy Dream vs. fantasy Anthens – female ( Hermia) rebellion Woods-Titiana rebellion At the end the play ends with the man with the authority again so their rebellion did not change nothing.

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