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This research paper aims to expose the Republican Party's transition from having a pro-minority reputation to currently having a reputation of being "against" racial minorities. In order to properly investigate this contrast, the emergence of the Republican Party and how it gained a negative reputation towards minorities will be researched. This paper utilizes statistics on racial minority support of the Republican Party and voting patterns, scholarly contributions that explain the agenda of the publican Party, and historical evidence documenting the emergence of the Republican Party. This information will be used to convince readers that the Republican Party is not aligned with its current ...view middle of the document...

This research paper serves to investigate the Republican Party's emergence and reputation of racial prejudice towards minorities. In order to properly investigate this topic, the following questions need to be answered: What factors caused the Republican Party to emerge, and how/why did it gain the reputation of having prejudice against racial minorities? This paper seeks to define the construction of the Republican Party and explain how it gained the reputation of being racially prejudiced against minorities, therefore revealing that Republican ideals are actually pro-minority. Literary information on the topic of racial prejudice in the Republican Party, historical research on the Republican Party, and statistics on the number of minorities who support the ideals of the Republican Party will help execute this argument. Investigating the reasons as to how and why the Republican Party's reputation changed into what was known as pro-minority to currently being "against" minorities is important to address because Americans need to be reminded that a party's reputation may not be aligned with its ideals. This paper aims to encourage voters to look beyond party reputations and instead focus on party ideals to retrieve an educated view on the Republican's positive views towards ethnic groups.
Republican Party Defined
Party politics is important to discuss because it serves as an agent for majority desires to be expressed. Lakoff (1996) states that both theoretical and historical aspects of democracy are carried out in practice through the political parties' ability to serve as a vehicle for majority opinion to be implemented (239-247). Meyer (2007) agrees and states that democracy and political parties are strongly linked because political parties are used to better execute social rights and obligations, regulation, participation, and actors. Through democracy, political parties are able to represent the diverse ideas and opinions of the majority (64-7). Schwarzmantel and Blaug (2001) further investigates this topic and asserts that without political parties in America, the majority would not have the ability to obtain an adequate idea of the agendas of those running for office (10).
The history and emergence of the Republican Party is important to examine in order to grasp the Republican Party's fundamental purpose and ideals. Through examining the events that led to the founding of the Republican Party, one will be able to better understand that it was created in hopes to benefit racial minorities. McPherson and Catton (2004) explains that in the civil war era, the average American was a farmer that required a fair amount of laborers in order to produce revenue. In the South, human labor was profitable enough to gather crops which led to the desire to not only continue slavery but expand it to western territories. In the North however, farming by the use of slaves was not as profitable which therefore led to the utilization of industrial...

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