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The Responsibility Of The Tory Party For The Collapse In 1830

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The Responsibility of the Tory Party for the Collapse in 1830

Before 1830 the Tory party had been in government for nearly 50 years
and had seemed to have everything under control up till 1815, between
1815 and 1830 the government faced many problems and made many changes
but by 1830, the party collapsed. There is major debate to what caused
the break down. I am going to look at the events leading up to the
parties collapse to find out to what extent the Tory party was
responsible for its collapse.

When the Napoleonic wars came to an end in 1815, it would seemed good
news, but it was quite the opposite as the after affects of the wars
were left ...view middle of the document...

This may have been one
of the first problems the Tories had created for themselves. The new
members of the team were going to be more liberal, unlike the existing
members and therefore could create conflict within the party. But
without the introduction of these new members the party may have faced
reform as the British public was not very happy and showing signs of
forceful response.

The government also made several social and economic reforms, which
involved free trade and penal punishment. These reforms seemed more
liberal than what there before. This helped the stability of the
government up till 1927.

In 1827 the Tories faced one of their first major problems. Lord
Liverpool the Prime minister, a man that was said have' respect,
honesty, professionalism and skilled in controlling', resigned due to
health issues. It is obvious that losing a leader with such great
talents was going to cause massive disruption. The next year the
Tories had different periods experienced 5 different prime ministers
all whom were of no good, therefore the party became very rocky and

If finding a prime minister who was good for the job was not bad
enough, across the waters major conflict was arousing in Ireland.
(just give them potatoes.) Daniel O'Connell, with the support of the
Catholic Association, won the county Clare election. However because
he was a catholic he was not allowed to take his seat. Wellington the
prime minister, had two choices. Either he could pass a Catholic
Emancipation Act and let O'Connell take his seat or he could declare
the election null and void. Doing this he ran the risk of violence in
Ireland, and possible civil war. He knew the majority of MPs favoured
emancipation and that they were against 80% of Ireland. In April 1829
the Catholic Emancipation Act was passed, with the support of the
Whigs. This created massive political conflict within the Tory party.
And resulted in a massive split. Some of the Tory members joined the
Whigs the party, which was seeming to see more controlled and liberal.
Whereas as the Ultra Tories dropped out due to great disagreement. By

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