The R Ing Tail Lemur Essay

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The Ring-Tail Lemur

     The ring-tailed lemur is an amazing mammal. They are very interesting creatures

that God put on this earth. One of my favorite characteristics about this animal is there

big bushy cute tail. The ring-tailed lemurs scientific family is Lemuridae.

     The ring-tailed lemur gets its name from the neat ringed pattern on the fur on the

tail. They have gray or rosy brown backs with lighter gray or brown hind legs and have

white stomachs. The ring-tailed lemur’s length is 37-43 inches. Their weight is 5-8lbs.

Their offspring is one. The lifespan of the ring-tailed lemur is 20 years. They have a

pointed muzzle, which is typical among the various species of lemurs. Their faces are

white and have triangular black noses. Ring-tailed lemurs also have a cute bushy tail.

     The ring-tailed lemur’s habitat is in the ...view middle of the document...

     The ring-tailed lemur’s predators are humans! Humans cut down the trees where

lemurs live. We are destroying their habitat. Madagascar was a good home for lemurs

until now. Ring-tailed lemurs are being protected now but it is difficult to enforce.

     Ring-tailed lemurs shelter in tropical forests to semi-desert. They like to shelter

on ground or climbing in trees. Most lemurs only like climbing in trees. The ring-tailed

lemur prefers to be on the ground.

Scientists classify lemurs along with humans, apes, and monkeys, as being

primates. Ring-tailed lemurs really resemble monkeys, except lemurs have a pointy nose.

The ring-tailed lemurs scientific name is Lemur catta. Here is the classification system

of the ring-tailed lemur:

·     Kingdom: Animalia
·     Phylum: Chordata
·     Class: Mammalia
·     Order: Primates
·     Family: Lemuridae
·     Genus: Lemur
·     Species: Lemur catta

Lemurs arrived in Madagascar fifty thousand years ago, when the island

was closer to Africa. The first humans arrived 2000 to 1500 years ago. They

hunted at least 18 of the larger species of lemurs to extinction! Ring-tailed lemurs

are threatened in Madagascar because of habitat loss due to fires, overgrazing by

livestock, and tree cutting for charcoal production growth.

Ring-tailed lemurs bring in lots of money from tourists for Madagascar.
They are a popular sight for tourists because they are interesting. The effort to

save the lemur habitat is difficult. People want to farm where the lemurs live and

produce charcoal.

Ring-tailed lemurs are wonderful creatures, as you can see. It is odd that

they like to be on ground rather than then climbing in the treetops like other

lemurs. Lemurs resemble primates especially, monkeys. Ring-tailed lemurs are

found protected in reserves such as Isalo National Park, The Andohahela,

Andringita, and Tsimanampetsotsa Nature Reserves, The Beza Mahafaly Special

Reserve, and The Berenty Private Reserve.

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