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The Rising Levels Of Congestion And Air Pollution Found In Most Of The World's Cities Can Be Attributed Directly To The Rapidly Increasing Number Of Private Cars In Use. In Order To Reverse This Decline In The Quality

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Since the day Malaya gained its independence from the British, Malaysians have witnessed the massive expansion of its cities particularly Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang and Johor Bahru. For years humans have been flocking to these urban areas in search of good life, lucrative jobs, entertainment and others. many cities today. The private car has become an important and dominant mode of transport.According to Professor Jamilah Mohammad from Department of Geography, University Malaya, The increasing dominance of the private car as a mode of transport is due to inherent advantages associated with its use. The unrestricted freedom that car users enjoy is one important reason why many people wish to ...view middle of the document...

Therefore , its time for the government to look into the possibility of reducing traffic on the road by maximising the use of public transport. The government should create an awareness among city dwellers pertaining to the benefits of using public transport . For instance, in Singapore, nearly 70% of its population use public transport for whatever activities. The government of Singapore puts an effort to make it compulsory for the people to adhere to the traffic regulation and make the vehicle owners pay for whatever pollution as a result of their carelessness in using the vehicle. Another interesting information to ponder is that the enforcement of environment friendly approach for car owners which is to take public transport during the week days and drive their own car during the weekends. This is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and to reduce the level of pollution index during the day.
Furthermore , the authorities should make sure that the use of public transportation must be convenient and affordable for passengers. For example, there must be easy accessible for passenger in all...

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