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The Risk And Impacts Of Climate (Weather) Related Natural Disaster Such As Storm

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Human activity has become so widespread, invariably contributing to the changes in global climate, which are consequently having a negative effect on weather patterns and the frequency and severity of weather related natural disasters. Global warming has become alarming recently. Over the past decades, research has been conducted on climate change and its impact and how it directly or indirectly influences the health and well being of the planet and its inhabitants. This essay will cover the risk and impacts of climate (weather) – related natural disasters such as storms, floods, droughts, rainfall and extreme temperature.
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Developing countries are prone to these types of hazards due to bad infrastructures and the level of poverty, which is a health and economic concern. The impact of natural disaster in developing countries breeds poverty. As climate change advances, its impact becomes more negative, displacing people in their homes, and affecting jobs, causing health problems and exposing people to different diseases.
Climatic change reduces economic growth as it destroys the property of millions of people. It slows down development in developing countries and affects the ability of government to provide food and services for people. IPCC (2014)states that “from a poverty perspective, climate change impacts are projected to slow down economic growth, make poverty reduction more difficult, further erode food security and prolong existing and create new poverty traps”.Economic losses resulting from weather and climate – related disasters have increased over the years. Unabated climate change would create scarcity of staple food and freshwater thereby disrupting social and economic condition. This will increase the number of people at risk of hunger.
Heatwave has created a cause for concern since the European heatwave summer of 2003 in August that killed almost 70,000people. According to Rabie, as cited in Baker (2012) “such ‘excess death’ or death above established seasonal norms are increasing at an alarming rate.” The cause of death was extreme high temperature resulting from the influence of climate change on extreme weather. According to the studies, heatwave has become more intense and frequent. Furthermore, flooding is estimated to be the most frequent disaster in Europe. According to WHO(2014) extreme weather increases the risk of river and coastal flooding and contaminates the supply of freshwater hence the risk of water –borne diseases and mosquitoes which transmit...

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