The Road Book Analysis

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The Road
A little information about the author.

Cormac McCarthy was born in 1933. He is an American novelist, playwright and screenwriter. Throughout his career he has written ten novels in different genres. One of the most prominent genres in his literary work is post apocalypse. He won the Pulitzer Prize for The Road. Some of his novels have been made into movies, such as; The Road, No Country for Old Men and All the Pretty Horses.
Short plot summary

The Road is a book about a journey of a father and a son through a post-apocalyptic landscape. The story is set a few years after an unspecified apocalypse which has destroyed civilization and most life on the Earth. Many of the human ...view middle of the document...

Setting: time, place, realistic, science fiction/fantasy: how does the setting and genre affect the story?

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the US. They are on the highway (the road) which they are following to reach the south or the sea. The story is quite realistic as it shows the extreme measures people take to survive. However there is no order, no laws to follow and people do whatever they want. Survival of the fittest can be considered the main rule in order to survive however the father and the boy survive by using stealth. In the book the landscape is described as; filled with ash, grey and cold on countless occasions. The setting makes the book even more painful to read. The author thoroughly describes all the time how cold it is, it gives the story a numb and sad feeling. The genre itself tells us that this book probably revolves around survival. Also in the book they never see any animals and if they are mentioned, it seems like they are talking about something from ancient times. This tells us more about how almost every type of life on earth has ceased to exist. It feels like the world is abandoned and nothing can save it. The setting of the story plays a huge part, because if this story was set in a tropical wasteland, it might have been different to read.
Are there any unusual or particularly interesting effects in the novel? What about the language, how would you describe that?

There is very little dialogue in the book. It’s written in third person and the book describes the setting a lot. The language is simplistic, the book is easy to read and it does not take a lot of time to read. What stands out in this book is that there was very little dialogue in the book and it was mostly between the man and the boy, but they always talked about the same subjects. The boy would often ask “we’re still the good guys, right?” and the man would often tell that they “carry the fire” which I interpreted as the will to survive and live like a human or how humans were meant to live, not like cannibals, without morals and disregard for human life.
Main characters: choose only the most important characters, explain how these change and develop throughout the novel.
The man
The man believes he is appointed by God to protect the boy, and he does that at all costs. Even though it goes against his morals he does not hesitate to kill another human being when his son is in danger. The only thing that keeps the man wanting to be alive is his son, it is told many times that he would have died if it were not for him. However they often face difficulties, the most prominent is hunger. He and the boy give up many times on living when they are hungry to the point they might die. He often thinks that he has nothing left to live for, but he tries his best. The man does not change throughout the story, his love for his son remains strong. His faith in humanity is never restored and his desire to survive also remains because of...

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