The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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The Road not taken By Robert Frost
The Road not taken By Robert Frost is about a man who had to choose between two roads which diverged (Split) in a yellow wood. The road becomes an extended metaphor for the choices that we have to make in life. The representation and symbolism of the road is every person’s journey through life .The split in the road is the difficult or easy decisions we have to make. The tone of the poem makes us feel related to what the persona is experiencing. The idea that is taken away is that making decisions is a part of being human and that the least popular choice may be the one that is better for us.
The Road not taken uses the technique of an extended metaphor throughout the entire poem. It’s a representation of our life because everything in the poem has symbolism that fits in together to form the extended metaphor. Depending on the person reading the ...view middle of the document...

The Road not taken by Robert frost creates a good feeling to the Reader. Frost has used the technique of basic relation meaning that he has made us feel related while at the same time making it apply to anyone. The persona is feeling indecisive about the split that is in the road which is the decision in life. The poem makes us feel like the persona and makes the reader relate to a time in their life when they were indecisive about a decision they had to make. However, Frost hasn’t been specific of the scenario making the tone and feeling of the poem relate to anyone. For example, the first line in the third Stanza – “And both that morning equally lay” uses the word both relating to the choices of any life path.
Frost creates the idea of living a life as a human where life isn’t always easy due to the fact of stumbling on a fork or split on the road which is our life. Many times in our life we are faced with a decision which will affect us on the long or short term. One choice may be the easy and “lighter” one and one may be the harder, “Least popular” choice. This poem teaches us that the harder choice mostly has a positive effect on us in the long term or short term and that being human involves us to decide. For example, in the poem Frost refers to the persona deciding between two roads with one being less popular but the correct decision. In the end the persona takes the “one less travelled by” and this, which was the correct decision “Has made all the difference” as said in the fifth line of the fourth stanza, has had the positive effect on the persona.
In Conclusion Robert Frost uses many techniques including relation and an extended metaphor. The extended metaphor symbolises different things depending on the reader. The basic relation makes the poem relate to us and at the same time, to anyone. The message we take away is that making decisions is a part of life and that the correct decision may be the less appealing one. In the end the decision made always will make all the difference.

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