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The Role Of Art In Our Life

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The role of art in our life.

Art is an all embracing notion (music, painting, theatre, literature and so on). Art had the most important role in the development of the mankind. The first were found on walls of ancient caves. So we can guess that painting was the first way of art. Painting is the most understandable way of art, because it gives us the most full and vivid impression.
Seneka once said: “All art is bur imitation of nature”. I don’t agree with him. I think that art has many functions and it’s hard to overestimate the role of art in one’s life. Art has great influence on our souls, feelings, forms our moral values. Art forms our outlook and enriches our ...view middle of the document...

Painting of old masters is one of the greatest treasures mankind has collected in the history of its civilisation. The pictures of old painters are in all big museum of the world (for example, the Hermitage, the Tretiakovskaya gallery and others). Old painting reflects the collective experience of human spiritual life of many centuries, because, as I have already said, painting is the first way of art. As to country schools of painting, I prefer English painting school. My favourite English painter is George Romney.
George Romney was born in 1734. He was a son of a cabinetmaker. He was apprenticed to Christopher Steele, a travelling portraitist between 1775 and 1757; at that time Romney established himself in Kendal, Westmoreland, where he had a fairly prosperous trade in small portraits. In 1762 he left for London; here he broadened his style considerably. In 1763 and 1765 he won awards at the Society of Arts. During the next few years he became more popular as a portrait painter. In 1764 Romney paid a short visit to Paris. In 1773 he left England and spent two years in Italy, mainly Rome, studying antique sculpture and the work of Raphael. These studies had a major influence on the development of his style.
On his return to England in 1775 Romney rapidly became and remained for many years one of the most fashionable portrait painters in London; his patrons ranged from the Prince of Wales and members of the aristocracy to the literary and dramatic figures of the day. Second only to Sir Joshua Reynolds in popularity, Romney was, however, such a pathologically timid character that he never ventured to present himself for the honours of the Royal Academy of Arts and hence acquired an unmerited reputation of a recluse. In 1782 he met his “divine lady”, Emma Hart, later Lady Hamilton, of whom he painted a great number of famous portraits in various character roles. Romney painted four pictures for John Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery between 1786 and 1791. These were among the very few...

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