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The Role Of Government In Policy Making

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Human service organizations are governed by a legislative and judiciary system. The judiciary system decides what policy is legal and illegal, and can require the executive or legislative branch to fix it, in some cases the judiciary can impose a remedy. The legislature system shapes public policy by passing laws, and approving budgets.
The Maryland Department of Human Resources is the state's social services provider. The Maryland Department of Human Resources consists of the following programs: Foster Care/Adoption, Child Protective Services, Food Assistance, Energy Assistance, Child Support, Medical Assistance, Health Assistance, and Purchase of Care. (The Maryland Department ...view middle of the document...

This provision also allows for the sharing of information without authorization from the person on whom information is being disclosed.
Family Law Article 5-711. (The Maryland Department of Human Resources, 2010)
This law mandates that medical care providers make copies available of a child’s medical record upon request by social services personnel conducting investigations or providing services to a child as a result of a child abuse or neglect report. (The Maryland Department of Human Resources, 2010)
The Maryland Department of Human Resources day-to-day operations are managed by the Secretary of the State of Maryland. The Secretary of the State of Maryland is appointed by the governor. The governor briefs the Secretary on how he or she plans to run their administration and the Secretary adhere to those guidelines in adherence to the law. The Secretary becomes the voice of the administration and trickles down the information to the administrators and mangers. Every program administrator has to follow COMAR, The Code of Maryland Regulations, is the official compilation of all administrative regulations issued by agencies of the state of Maryland. (The Maryland Department of Human Resources, 2010)
COMAR publishes the current Administrative regulations of state agencies and numerous independent regulatory bodies. Executive orders of the Governor that are considered generally permanent in nature. Documents required to be published by the General Assembly. Other documents permitted to be published by the General Assembly's Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review. (The Maryland Department of Human Resources, 2010)
The Maryland Court System is in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Human Services; most programs under the Maryland Department of Human...

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