The Role Of Nationalism And World Mindedness On Consumer Buying Behavior Of Domestic And Foreign Products

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Sultan Qaboos University College of Economics & Political science MBA

The role of nationalism and worldmindedness on consumer buying behavior of domestic and foreign products

Done by: Badria Al Rashdi and Huda Al Hajri

Submitted to: Dr. Maha Al Balushi

The role of nationalism and world-mindedness on consumer buying behavior of domestic and foreign products

May 2013

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A set of 17 questionnaires survey were collected from 195 consumers in the sultanate of Oman in order to test two hypothesis regarding nationalism and world-mindedness tendency of the Omani consumer. The results showed that Omani consumer score high on the nationalism constructs with more preference to choose domestic products . From the world-mindedness aspect, their attitude is quite positive toward foreign product as a factor toward prosperous life but country of origin is important factor in making a purchase decision . In this study, nationalism and worldmindedness proved not be opposite concepts rather consumers may shows tendency toward both attitudes but with varing degrees; that is high degree under nationalism and moderate degree under world-mindedness. Keywords: Country of origin, country image, nationalism, ethnocentrism, world-mindedness

As nations become borderless and open in many aspects, social ,political and economic ideologies are easily transferable among them. People have been influenced by the global shift that took place due to technology evolution . In such globalized world ,characterized with limited trade barriers and freedom of choice, consumers are bombarded by the various products and brands whether domestically produced or internationally imported; giving them the power to choose freely . However, several empirical studies have proved that consumers may prefer one product or brand over another due to Country of origin effect . For instance consumer choose to buy European beauty products rather than Asian beauty products ,reflecting the attitude hold by the consumer

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The role of nationalism and world-mindedness on consumer buying behavior of domestic and foreign products

May 2013

about European beauty product in terms of reliability and quality even if the Asian products provide the same quality with less price . The two major concepts revolved from the COO effect ,that will be the main concern in our study, are nationalism and world-mindedness. On one hand, nationalist consumers would extend loyalty solely toward their domestic product and animosity toward foreign products. On the other hand, consumers behavior may be oriented more as worldmined , free of COO and nationalism effect, showing interest toward what is perceived as value products regardless of their country of origin .

In this research paper, we will be investigating the role of Nationalism and world-mindedness attitude of the Omani consumer in order to explore whether the Omani consumer has more tendency toward nationalism or world-mindedness when making buying decision of domestic and foreign products.

The following section will discuss the marketing literature on COO and concepts of nationalism and world-mindedness .

Literature Review
The subject of country image and its relation to consumer behavior is a very complex topic with many diverse arguments pertaining to nationalism, consumer ethnocentrism, and worldmindedness.

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