The Role Of The Chief Knowledge Officer At Xerox

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A new vocation has developed within corporations that drastically impacts the way companies manage their information and internal knowledge. This position has many titles, but most commonly is referred to as the CKO, the chief knowledge officer. The responsibilities of this position primarily focus on managing unstructured information and internal knowledge. Xerox refers to this raw data as assets, or more formally, “intellectual capital,” “knowledge assets,” or “intangible assets.” Because knowledge management is considered a tactical occupation, Xerox considers the CKO a part of the upper management team. An effective CKO should be able to create an alignment with unambiguous ...view middle of the document...

Xerox realized that sharing knowledge provides them with a viable advantage. The company contributes its solid reputation to its culture of sharing knowledge and information. The culture has become a catalyst for the company’s development of knowledge-intensive products. In Xerox’s case, the innovations happen to be KM tools, technologies for efficient knowledge sharing developed on the basis of the company’s existing copier, printing, and scanning technologies (Hickins, 1999).
Xerox defines knowledge management as crafting, capturing, merging, delivering, and recovering knowledge. It is not only imperative that the information be developed, but also that the company considers whether the information can be maintained in knowledge repositories at the company. Maintaining the repositories is an essential element of the process and needs to be maintained and directed by the CKO and the KM staff. Collaborative efforts must be made by both the CKO and human resources department to make sure that employees receive benefits for sharing information and knowledge (Leibowitz, 2002).
Xerox has passed through a series of development phases since it launched a KM focus in 1997. The initial project grew from a startup idea into an internal company standard, ultimately providing Xerox with another revenue source through its KM services and software. As the various divisions at Xerox no longer need assistance with the basics, the role of the CKO evolved into a strategic direction. Knowledge sharing practices have become tradition at Xerox.
The Xerox viewpoint regarding knowledge is that it encompasses everything needed to introduce something as a useful initiative. Knowledge is defined separately from data or information alone. The context usually presents itself as a document that requires authentication and experience to determine its value. These three foundations of knowledge are not to be compared with the rudiments of raw data or information. Social science comes into play with knowledge since social interactions must occur mixed with technology. The corporate culture is changing due to the driving forces defined as knowledge sharing.
Information is different from knowledge, just as information management is different from knowledge management. Information management has endured for many years; however, it has existed under a multitude of names, like information technology. Everyone has some knowledge of information management; however, most industries...

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