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The Role Of The Internet And Crime

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The Role of the Internet and Crime

Over the past number of year’s criminals has utilized the Internet to expedite and conceal both traditional and purely digital crimes. The Internet has aided criminal activity.
Cybercrime, hacking, blackmailing, fraud, theft and extortion; these are the first few types of crimes come into our mind when we are presented with the words “technology” and “crime”. We all have been prone to the nuisance caused by any of these crimes at least once, as almost everyone these days has access to the computer and the internet. (Shahid, 2011)
Crime has existed as long as humans and will only become extinct with us because offending and violating laws is defined ...view middle of the document...

Computer crimes are requiring law enforcement departments in general and criminal investigators in particular to tailor an increasing amount of their efforts toward successfully identifying, apprehending, and assisting in the successful prosecution of perpetrators. (Hinduja, 2013)
The role viruses, other malicious code, and phishing attacks play in aiding this criminal activity. Security threats to the Internet are increasing at an alarming rate. It is therefore essential that both Internet users and service providers clearly understand those threats and how best to protect themselves from such threats.
White-collar crime is a criminal act that arises from opportunities created by a person’s social position, especially their occupation. White-collar crime is significant sociologically because of the perception that white-collar criminals tend to be middle- and upper-middle-class and because of a class bias in the criminal justice system, their crimes are generally viewed as less serious and less deserving of punishment. Examples of white-collar crime include expense account padding, embezzlement, tax fraud, false advertising, and the use of insider trading in stock market trading. (Crossman, 2013)
It's amazing how common sense seems to disappear when someone has been caught doing something wrong. Take, for example, a high school student has been charge with a felony for hacking into school files and downloading sensitive info to his iPod. Here's where it gets strange. One of the charges is possession of a “criminal tool”, by which they apparently mean the iPod. If you look at it that way, anything used in a crime could be considered a criminal tool. A telephone, a car, clothing. However, why not focus on the actual problem, the hacking into school computers rather than some trumped up charges claiming an iPod is a criminal tool? (Masnick, 2007)
To explain what computer viruses and malicious computer code are, simply put, viruses are small...

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