The Roles And Functions Of Law

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The Roles and Functions of Law


Alisha Short

April 23, 2012

Dr. Thomas Wilson

Law is actually a body of rules of actions and or conducts determined by a regulating authority as well as having a legal binding force according to our text (Melvin, 2011). The law that we know is basically regulations, as well as rules that are applied by controlling person to provide help in deciding how a community is to act, control any family conflicts, as well as try to control criminal activities. It is accountable for how people maintain and act lawful. The law is accountable for keeping the integrity of all national politics, economic and the community. It also helps mediators when ...view middle of the document...

It seems no matter the law, it provides harmony; it also provides safety to all inhabitants in the community. Laws are also in place to help protect people when entering into agreements or making deals with complete strangers. Speaking of making agreements with individuals that we don’t know, most people would are cautious of course. Everyone in every society can’t possibly know everyone but take a leap of faith that we aren’t going to enter into a bad deal, due to the laws and consequences that are there to protect us.
Usually for the community the law determines all principals of relationships. Most laws don’t regard setting up ethical rules, but yet many laws offer minimum protection for people. The protection includes what the community can view as correct or incorrect, which also can guide to what people can and can’t do. This is a way to be able to control law and order, which allows the community grow without constant arguments or disagreements about things.
Although, no nation will ever be considered to be perfect, law does have a role in providing protection. This allows people and businesses to deal with issues with full confidence. This confidence is backed by justice will prevail and help establish who is right or wrong. The concept of justice has been put to use to allow big companies to make huge profits. These companies may work and generate more wealth due to the fact that they feel they can keep doing so because the legal system is there to protect them.
There are also laws that are in place for the function of defending people...

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