The Roles In The Family Of Male Children Within The Stories Of "The Rocking Horse Winner" And "My Oedipus Complex"

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Deyby Valladares
Composition II
Professor Huot
November 14, 2010
It has been the unique contribution of sociology to demonstrate that learning the role of others starts at a young age. A child begins to mimic his or her parents’ actions and that of their environment in order to build up their character. The roles of male children in the family structure of “My Oedipus Complex” and of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” are both similar. Both Larry and Paul did not act like typical children. Their main roles in their family structure were to obtain their mothers attention and keep her love. Larry was at constant war with his father and little brother to have his mothers’ full affection. His ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, Paul from “The Rocking-Horse Winner” wanted to feel loved by his mother as well. His mother wanted to keep her appearances of being wealthy more than she wanted to spend time with her children. Paul was so innocent and naïve that he believed that being lucky was the only way to obtain his mothers affection. A conversation with Hester his mother and Paul displays how she feels about Paul. Hester believes that being lucky is the key to becoming rich and happy, but her beliefs have a large impact on Paul. He was psychologically disturbed by the ideas his mother instilled in him. . “The boy saw she did not believe him; or rather, that she paid no attention to his assertion. This angered him somewhat and made him want to compel her attention. He went off by himself, vaguely, in a childish way, seeking for the clue to “luck” (296). His role in the family was to become lucky enough that his mother would love him and the voices in the house would cease. Paul was a very passive boy; however his search to find “luck” leads him to his death.
The profile of cognitive abilities that characterizes each child at each developmental stage is the result of various influences operating in complex ways. The parents play a large role in a child’s life and in these short stories because they are the ones to...

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