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The Roles Of Graduate Quantity Surveyors In The Malaysian Construction Industry

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2012 International Conference on Management and Education Innovation IPEDR vol.37 (2012) © (2012) IACSIT Press, Singapore

The Roles of Graduate Quantity Surveyors in the Malaysian Construction Industry
B. L. Chong+, W. P. Lee and C. C. Lim
Department of Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Abstract: The profession of quantity surveying has evolved as a result of clients’ additional needs and
market requirements. Clients not only request for traditional services but also asking for the contemporary services such as project management, risk management, feasibility study, construction financial practice, arbitration and productivity ...view middle of the document...

However, the environments for quantity surveying practice today have changed along with the country’s rapid economic development. In recent years, many authors have reported on the evolving roles of quantity surveying profession together with the changes in the construction industry (Page et al., 1999; Page et al., 2001; Boon, 2001; Fellows et al., 2003; Hardie et al., 2005; Fadhlin and Ismail, 2006). The objective of this paper is to present a critical review on the traditional and contemporary roles of graduate quantity surveyors (QSs), the threats to graduate QSs and also the methods to improve graduate QSs’ practice.

2. Literature review
During the last thirty years, there are many authors who have commented on the future roles of the QSs within the construction industry. Hence, this section will present and discuss the quantity surveying profession in the Malaysian construction industry, the traditional roles of graduate QSs, threats to graduate QSs, and methods to improve their practice in view of the contemporary roles that are expected from them in future.

2.1 The quantity surveying profession in Malaysia


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In Malaysia the quantity surveying profession is governed by the Quantity Surveyors Act 1967 (incorporating all amendments up to 28 February 2002) and Regulations promulgated in relation to the Act. As at January 2012, 942 registered QSs and 1153 registered graduate QSs were registered with the Board of Quantity Surveyors (BQSM).


Traditional and contemporary roles of graduate quantity surveyors

It has been suggested that with the growth of comprehensive user-friendly estimating software for instance, the QS is dead, or “re-engineered” as a Construction Economist (Stacey and Wood, 1996). Smith (2004) pointed out the quantity surveying profession has experienced significant changes over the past decade in terms of scope and type of services provided within and outside the construction sector. As a result, quantity surveying firms expand and adapt their scope of services to meet changing industry demands. According to him, one of the largest Quantity Surveying firms in Australia provides a good example of these changes; in 1980 Bills of Quantities accounted for approximately 80% of their total workload whereas in 2003 this had declined to less than 10%. Nevertheless, rather than leading to the firm’s demise, the firm has adapted accordingly and now provides a greater volume and wider range of services. The scope of services provided by firms can be summarized as; Traditional Services (e.g. Contract administration, Specification preparation, Builders Quantities, Bills of Quantities and Estimating/Cost Planning), Non-Traditional Building Services (e.g. Cost benefit analysis, Due diligence reports, Premises Audits, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Facilities management, Quality management, Value management,...

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