The Roswell Mystery What Was The Truth?

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In July 1947, a mysterious object crashed into the desert beside the US air force base in Roswell, New Mexico. The incident has remained a mystery up to this day. Many contradictory sources and evidence have since emerged. Eye witnesses mention seeing the remains of a flying disk and small creatures; some suspect a cover up by the US air force. A theory supported by many observers, researchers and investigators suggests that the crashed disk was a 'UFO', contrary to the US air force's insistence that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.Using the sources given and other information collected, I believe the UFO theory is closer to the truth and the government and US Air Force have been trying to cover up something shrouded in secrecy.From the source: ...view middle of the document...

The US Air Force later issued a report "The Roswell Report: Case Closed." in 1996, arguing that reports of UFO crashes, alien corpses, and government cover-ups were mistaken memories accumulated over a long period of time. Also, source 5 of the handout shows that people were threatened not to tell the truth… This indicates government attempts to cover up the truth.According to the sources listed above, the secret they have been trying to hide is that extraterrestrial objects and beings actually landed on our planet. The majority of the eyewitnesses confirmed having seen the debris of a flying disk: "that was something metallic, round and flat like a disk, and crashed into the desert, with reason still unknown." Intelligent officer of 509th bomb group, Marcel said "…it was not a weather balloon, nor was it an aeroplane or a missile… It would not burn…that stuff weighs nothing, it's so thin, it isn't any thicker than tinfoil…it wouldn't bend…even tried making a dent in it with a sixteen-pound sledge hammer…still no dent…" and it was "not of this earth".The presence of 'aliens' is suggested by a description of "…3 feet tall creatures, big head, small almond-shaped eyes…" Although this evidence was denied by the authorities with the claim that those were "anthropomorphic dummies" for a scientific research, the strange shape of those creatures could not be explained. According to this website, the pieces of wreckage discovered, a small diagram of the suspected alien receiving treatment and the debris that Brazel found all point to the possibility that the UFO theory may be true.

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