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The Rpg Story Essay

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Ben O’Neil 11/6/07

The RPG Story

In the land of Archwontok, there lived a battle mage named Mandroth. Mandroth showed chivalry (n courtesy, honorableness, bravery) when he and a tauren, named Thunderfist, entered a cave inhabited by giant spiders and goblins. It all started when Mandroth and Thunderfist entered the cave. Coming to an intersection, the two did not know which way to go. They turned down a path so thin that you would have to walk in a lateral (adj sideways) manner in order to fit through it. As they began walking towards the chosen path, they heard a low rumble. The rumble turned into a squall (n violent windstorm) with sand and rocks whipping around everywhere. ...view middle of the document...

Cutting them off with meticulous care, Mandroth finally obtained the venom. This process went on and when all the venom sacs were taken out, Thunderfist squeezed all the venom out and into the viles. Finally, all the viles were filled and the two resumed their trek down the newly widened path. When they reached the end, Mandroth and Thunderfist saw a group of at least eighty goblins huddled around a fire and feasting on the remains of what used to be giant spiders. Seeing that the fire was not surrounded by rocks, Thunderfist told Mandroth to roll a vile into the fire. It was patent (adj clear, obvious, evident) that Thunderfist knew what he was doing and he wanted it done. Mandroth mustered up all his mettle (n spirit, resolution, courage) and accurately rolled the vile. It rolled slowly, slowly, slowly until it finally reached the center of the fire. The heat caused the vile to explode sending glass and venom-gas all over the place. Goblins began dropping dead left and right as the gas spewed out from the shattered vile. Soon the gas began to head in Mandroth and Thunderfist’s direction. The two turned around and ran for their lives fearing that the gas would catch up and they would be killed. When they finally made it outside, they rested for about an hour just to be sure that the gas died off. When they thought it was safe, Thunderfist found a piece of pliable (adj easily bent), half-melted, piece of copper and pried the door open. Mandroth and Thunderfist began their way down the path and into the corridor. When they reached the corridor, they searched through the dead goblins in hopes of finding weapons, potions, or articles of clothing. What they found was as follows: a...

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