The Sand Making Machine To Create Cement Tiles And Red Brick Comparable

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The sand making machine to create cement tiles and red brick comparable
load test: (1) jaw crusher continuous operation 2h, the the bearings temperature rise should not exceed 30 鎺?C. (2) Jaw Crusher All fasteners should be firm, without loosening. (3) the flywheel, the smooth operation of the sheave. (4) The the Jaw Crusher friction parts no abrasions, crumbs and grinding phenomenon, no unusual noise. (5) Jaw Crusher nesting population adjustment device should be able to ensure that the adjustment range of discharge opening.Load test run: (1) crusher shall cycle or significantly impact crash. (2) The maximum feed size should meet the design requirements. (3) continuous operation of 8 hours, the the bearings temperature rise should not exceed 30 鎺?C. (4) the ...view middle of the document...

(4) Check whether the guards found insecurity, should be immediately removed. (5) Check whether the ore crushing cavity or debris, if ore or debris must be cleaned up,rock crusherRotary dryerjaw crusher to ensure that the crusher cavity starts. (

6) Check the top bolt is returned Gaskets pressed T-bolts are tightened.Jaw crusher start: (1) The inspection proved the normal situation in various parts of the machine, before they start. (2) jaw crusher machine is only allowed in the alicey599 case of no-load start. (3) before the start, ringtones or signal must be forewarned. (4) after the start, if not normal, should stop immediately.Not normal to be identified and excluded only after the restart crusher.The production and use of the process: (1) the normal operation of the jaw crusher before feeding production. (2) to be broken materials should be evenly plus crusher cavity should be avoided the lateral feeding or filled feeding, in order to avoid unilateral overload or withstand overload. (3) normal working hours,Mobile Crusher the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 30 ? the maximum temperature should not exceed 70C.Exceeds the temperature, should be immediately stopped, and to identify the reasons and to be eliminated. (4) before stopping, they should first stop feeding the cavity to be broken material is completely discharged only after the power is turned off. (5_) when broken as a result of crushing cavity material obstruction caused by parking, you should immediately turn off the power to stop the run, will clean up broken cavity material only after the re-start; (6) after the end of the jaw plate wear, you can turn around and use . (7) jaw broken machine after use over a period of time, you should bear in sleeve retighten to prevent tight set of the village sets of loose and damage the machine.

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