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The School Of Athens Essay

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The school of Athens
Raphael Page 158
Essay I
It is day time, a bright blue sky with white clouds scattered here and there and the school Of Athens is crowded with people from as little as kids all the way to elders. The school of Athens is an ancient building that has a high ceiling with oval shape, which divided the building to three sections. There is a big arch way at the front and stairs which takes to the other part of the building. On the left and right of the walls statues of men are hung all white in color and also paint of angles drawn on the ceiling. People are scattered around the room evenly dressed in different colors of ...view middle of the document...

The design on the floor can reflect the texture of the picture because it shows a certain pattern or design. One example of value is the man on the left side of the picture talking to the half necked guy, the light on his brown toga gets darker as it goes to the left side of his body.
The pieces on the picture are more or less evenly distributed on the left and right side and can say the picture is balanced. The repetition is the color of the statues on the left and right side of the wall, which they are all white. The blue sky through the white buildings shows significance of Emphasis and on the other hand, the guy facing to the two teachers is an example of movement. The picture in terms of unity is perfect because I don’t see any color or piece of art that standout or draw attention and creates distraction.
The school of Athens seems like to be crowded with people and noise, people of all ages filled the big room, are talking to each other and the teachers in the middle and exchanging knowledge and wisdom, almost on all the faces one can read eagerness to do what they are doing. By looking at the picture, all this was going on centuries ago in one of ancient develop cities in Europe.
The picture as a picture is very immaculate and likeable, except the fact that there is no torch stand or some kind of light system in the building. However; the significance of the picture from my point of view it doesn’t show beauty, or doesn’t have uniqueness to it. Since I don’t have anything that connects me with the picture emotionally I don’t like it.

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