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The Scientific Method Essay

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The Scientific Method
Mark A. Garcia
November 13, 2011
The Scientific Method
The scientific method, a process that uses deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Each step of the scientific method involves using thoughts that are planned and wise inferences that are conducted in logical steps. It is possible to use the scientific method in several different areas of study. In this case, the scientific method will be used to conduct a plant experiment. It can also be used in examples from real life that can stray away from biology and are geared toward daily usage (Science Buddies, 2009).
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The next step of the experiment would be to verbalize and make a record of the possible hypothesis of the experiment. The hypothesis for this experiment was, Stein (1997) stated, “I think plants respond to the glass from which they absorb some needed nutrient.” The prediction for this experiment was that if some plants were grown in the light and some plants grown in the dark there would be a noticed difference in the way the plants grew. It has been learned in the science class, plants will use light to be able to produce chlorophyll.
For the scientific method experiment, there were three plants that were placed in glass cubes and grown in the light. Then there were three plants that were placed in glass cubes and grown in the dark. To ensure that light absorption is the only variable in this experiment, it will be necessary to ensure that all six cubes are identical in size. An important step is to ensure that the plants receive the same amount of water at the same time each day of the experiment. Another important step would also be necessary to ensure the conditions of the climate remained constant in each cube for the duration of the experiment. For the experiment, it will be necessary to document the growth of the plants every two days, and to make sure that significant growth changes are documented.
After documenting the results for a few weeks, it will be necessary to use the information gathered in growth changes to determine the results of the experiment. The information that has been gathered from the experiment should be transferred to spreadsheets, which are organized. The results would be, Stein (1997) stated, “The plants in the light grew straight up until they reached the tops of the glass cubes, and then grew in circles along the top of the cubes. The plants grown in the dark trailed over the sides of their pots, one to the right and two to the left.”
Through reviewing the results of the experiment, one would then develop conclusions towards the final observations. An inference about the plants that were grown in the dark would be that the plants were trying to grow toward a source of light. The plants that grew to the left were receiving a higher concentration of light, and the one plant that grew to the right might have grown to the...

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