The Seriousness Of Obesity Essay

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Some people can actually be diagnosed with a condition called: obesity. There are some medical professionals out there that say that Obesity qualifies as a disease. Whether obesity is a condition or disease, Obesity is an abnormal high proportion/percent of body fat. A doctor can assess the percentage of body fat simply and easily by measuring body weight in proportion to height, which is the usual way of determining if an individual is overweight, obese, or at normal, healthy weight. A physician/doctor can make a determination if a patient is truly obese by calculating the BMI, which stands for body mass index. The BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms ...view middle of the document...

Brown, (2008) points out how important it is to conduct blood tests on the individual who is suspected for obesity, for the extremely overweight person could be suffering from something called a thyroid disorder, which can actually cause a person to be overweight and obese.
Brown, (2008) makes a number of excellent points that pertain to an obesity diagnosis. The researchers claim that surprisingly, government agencies, like the Food and Drug Administration do very little to educate individuals about the harmful and negative effects of sugar consumption on health in general; they do not warn individuals about the causes of CVD or type two diabetes, even though the research makes it clear that sugar is contraindicated. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration, even though they have a strong control of all ingredients in food and drugs in the United States, still, the agency has continued to place its imprimatur on the labels of thirty thousand corn syrup products that are currently found in U.S. food chain markets across the United States. Corn syrup studies prove that obesity is linked to this single ingredient in myriad foods. Unfortunately, ethnic groups like Mexicans and other Latino individuals consume large amounts of sugary drinks and corn syrup products. In fact, Brown 2008) makes an excellent point that immigrants do not understand the link between obesity and disease, but there is a strong link. African Americans, immigrants from Asia and India, Bangladesh and South America have participated in obesity studies. Immigrants eat more “junk food” and no surprise there; usually have higher Body Mass Indexes than other non-immigrant status individuals.
Brown (2008) says that soft drink over-consumption is now considered to be a major public health concern with implications for cardiovascular diseases (Brown, 2008, p34). Brown, (2008) also says that high-fructose corn syrup is gradually replacing sucrose as the main sweetener in soft drinks and has been blamed as a potential contributor to the current high prevalence of obesity (Brown,, p34). Brown, et. al. (2008) focuses on the potential role of sugary drinks, especially the fructose component, in the pathogenesis of obesity and cardiovascular diseases (Brown,, p35). The link in the Brown study between sugar (fructose) and CVD is very strong. The link between sugary drinks and the new alarming obesity figures generated by western world countries has definitely been established, but the figures for obesity still remain, according to Brown, is the highest in America.
While Brown (2008) explains what obesity is, as well as the possible causes of obesity, along with the correlations between a number of important variables and obesity, the second article “ The impact of child and adolescent obesity treatment interventions on physical activity: a systematic review” by Cliffs, (2010) conducts a study...

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