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The Seven Ages Essay

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Textual Questions

Q: Explain the meaning of the following
a) ......all the men and merely player:
They have their exits and entrances
b) And then the lover
Sighing like furnace...
c) a soldier,
....... seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth.
Ans: a) As one sees, no one of u is immortal. In relation to the earth's timelessness, each person is like an actor or actress. They come to perform the assigned role in life. He or he is, thus, like an actor or actress in a drama. To elaborate, when we are born, we enter the play. When we live our lives in various stages, we progress through the play. When we leave the play, we retire from the life, that is, we die.
b) The lover sighs in love as he struggles to express his deep love. The poet here compares the lover's sobbing to the sound of a burning furnace since the pain of ...view middle of the document...

The stage of drama has exits and entrances. Likewise, human life has in it birth and death. Thn on this world stage man plays seven stages of life. Infancy, childhood, studentship, lover, young soldier, middle aged juge and old age are those seven stages.
2. How does man as an infant and as a child behave?
Ans: Man as an infant cries and vomits in the lap of the nurse. The nurse takes care of his well-being. Soon when he comes to the school going age, he goes to school like a snail. He has a shining morning face and a bag on his shoulders, and goes to school unwillingly.
3. How does man as alover behave?
Ans: When man becomes a lover, he enters the third stage of life. He sighs like a furnace with a sad song on hi lips. He has this song dedicated to his beloved.
4. How does man as a soldier behave?
Ans: In his fourth stage of life man becomes a soldier. He is very aggressive in his nature. He is full of strange oaths and wears his beard like the leopard. He is very quick in quarrels and doesn't care even of death for the reputation or his self-respect.
5. How does man look in his fifth stage of life?
Ans: In his fifth stage of life, man becomes a justice. He has a round belly with flesh bulging out of his waist. His eyes are severe and beard is of formal cut. He is full of wise sayings and busy lecturing the youngsters on the experiences of his long life.
6. Describe the sixth stage of human life?
Ans: In his sixth stage, man looks like a cartoon. He wears the clothes of his youth which are very loose as he has now become very lean and thin. His legs shrink and his clothes are very wide for these. His voice becomes hoarse and changes to childish treble. It also pipes and whistles while he speaks.
7. How is man in his last stage of life?
Ans: In the last stage of man's life, he is like a child. This stage closes all the arlier stages. It is his second childhood. He becomes forgetful and behaves like a child. He loses his teeth, eye sight, taste and almost everything. And then he dies.

Paragraph Type

1. How does the poet describe the seven stages of human life?
2. How is the world a stage and all the men and women merely players?

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