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The Sextants Of Beijing Essay

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A book The Sextants of Beijing by Waley Cohen view China from a Western point of view. In this book Chinese emperors, Chinese governments, and Chinese people were engaged by the outside world, and wanted to study and learn foreign goods and ideas. However, at the same time they were feared that they might lose political and moral as well as their Chinese values and traditions. In each chapter, the author explained the overview of China's contracts with other civilizations, how China participated in a network of international exchange all around the world.In the book, it started out from the year between 629 through 645, which was the Tang dynasty. In this time, Han China was interested in ...view middle of the document...

The urbanization added series of developments including the spread of literacy among both men and women, much wider abilities of books, attention to women for more education, and preparation of civil service exams that were reserved for men. I think a connection between China and Europe brought China a great deal of expanding their abilities of study. Many people rose in upper class and began to collect art objects and antiques on a much larger scales. Also between the China and Europe in the early modern age took place through the Jesuit missionaries.In the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the connection of trade through Southeast Asia and the trade linked to European nations through their colonial activities in Asia. The Qing empire didn't want to allow Europeans to access China's market but they played a central part in Qing empire, which represented a major political and cultural force in the region. Also in the eighteenth century, the commerce played an important role. The trade brought China some necessities such as pepper, coconut oil, rice, sugar, copper, wood, rattan, and sea slugs and took Chinese ceramics, textiles, and other facilities. China made a trade with Japan, the silver and copper from Nagasaki, the only port open to foreign trade in Japan, even though China and Japan were unfriendly to each other. However, the constant need of copper and silver to China made them trade with Japan.After the death of Qianlong in 1799, China suffered the series of treaties that were unequal, and gave the Western powers and rights in China.Also by the nineteenth century, many educated Chinese learned their culture deeply because any religions within the Chinese traditions seemed unimportant to both the Western and Japanese imperialism. China wanted to adopt Western ways to overcome the West and wanted to preserve its own civilization. Since then in the nineteenth century, China became some how unique. Nearly one hundred ports in China opened to foreign trade. Japan and Western powers competed to establish a field of influence from China. Also during the period...

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