"The Shining", By Stephen King Essay

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The story take place in Colorado and begins with Jack Torrence, going to a place by the name of 'The Overlook Hotel' to be the caretaker over the winter month's, because of coast of keeping a twenty-five mile road, in which it take to get to the hotel open, because of all the snow. To get the job as the caretaker of the hotel, he would be alone for five months, and have free food, and also free stay at the hotel, all Jack has to do is mantiance and handyman work around the hotel. He arrives for the interview and meets Lloyd (the manager of the Overlook Hotel) they discuss certain duties and jobs that will be needed around the hotel, and then Lloyd brings up a certain account that happened a ...view middle of the document...

As Danny is eatting his ice cream, Dick is talking to him, and then talks about, what he was doing during the tour how, he could communicate with him without even talking, there are few people who have this gift and some dont even know they have it, he said its called 'the shining'. A couple weeks later after adapting to living in this hotel, life is good and they are happy for once, he has plenty of space to move around and lots of time to start writing his book, but he is drained of idea's. Danny starts to see things as he walks around the halls of the hotel, not real things images in his mind, horrible and frightning things, though he had no knowledge of what happened in the hotel years before.A couple of more weeks set in and Jack started seeing things, such as people who werent really there. All this time Jack has been losing his mind due to cabin fever. One day Wendy stepped into his writting room to see what he had been typing, and there was a stack of papers that read things like 'all work and no play makes Jack insane' and other things to effect on the papers, Wendy then panics and notices he has changed, and has totally lost his mind. Jack starts to see people and talk's with them, as if they were really there. Dick away on leave for the winter, starts to worry about the...

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