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The Sierra Club Essay

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The Sierra Club
The Sierra Club is the largest and oldest environmental organization in the United States. It began in 1892 by John Muir, a well known conservationist, who later became the first president of the grassroots organization. Two years before the establishment of the group, Muir and his friend Robert Johnson were able to form the Yosemite National Park located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range located the western states of the United States. The park was one of the first of its kind in the area, so wanting to further preserve the mountain range John Muir and Johnson, with the help of many prominent benefactors and like-minded friends, launched their new club. The Club's first goals included establishing Glacier and Mount Rainer national parks, and saving California's coastal redwood forests. During Muir’s presidency over the club the organization lobbied for conservational changes and often succeeded. ...view middle of the document...

” (Sierra Wiki). This means that the organization believes in a pretty basic and common idea of conservation, the Club’s underlying philosophies are that nature should be preserved so that we can use it in the future and enjoy its beauty. The Sierra club has 17 different policies on global and current conservation issues, but there are four main problems that the Club fights more vehemently than others: land management, nuclear issues, coal use, and renewable energy resources. Many members of the Sierra Club are actively fighting for the protection of National Forests, National Parks, and key water ways. The club also believes that the nation should refrain from using nuclear energy, especially energy that comes from nuclear fusion, because it is possible for certain harmful substances like tritium to be released. Also the organization doesn’t believe that all the necessary safety precautions are being fully implemented in all nuclear power plants. As for the use of coal for energy production, it is attributed to about 40% of national carbon dioxide emissions that cause many health issues amongst humans, such as cancers and lung diseases, plus environmental health risks. Therefore the Club believes that alternative energy resources must be found, which is why they greatly support the use of hydro-electric, wind, and solar electricity (Sierra Wiki).
The majority of the Sierra Club’s funding comes from donations and gifts given by individuals, other companies and organizations, and even the government. They also gain small amounts from membership fees, plus any court cases that they win. The main actions taken by the organization is political activism in the form of lobbying as well as boycotting certain products. Currently the Sierra Club is trying to use the recent Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan oil disasters to show the nation’s true need to move away from a dependency on oil (Sierra Club).

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