The Sisters Of St. Joseph Essay

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The Mystical Communion of the Sisters of St. Joseph
Catholic Church can be looked at in several different ways. The church is divided up into six models: institution, mystical communion, sacrament, herald, community of disciples, and servant. The Sisters of Saint Joseph dedicate their lives to live out these models of the church. As stated on their website (Consensus Statement), "The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates are a community committed to continuing Jesus' mission in the world by responding to the needs of our time. In the spirit of the Gospel, we work toward right relationships with God, persons, and Earth. We strive to foster the common good through ...view middle of the document...

After visiting the Sisters of Saint Joseph in the Saint Paul region we realized how much they actually do for the common good. Their institute was very big and did very many things for others. We talked to Sister Annabelle, who gave us a general perspective of what exactly the Sisters do at the clinic. According the Sister Annabelle, the workers have very many responsibilities that they do every day in order to take care of retired Sisters. "The workers here take care of the sick, practice nurses, house keeping, house cooking, as well as bring in every thing that the every day person would have to go out and get." (Raiche, Annabelle, Sister). She told us how their are ninety four sisters living in the clinic right now that are being taken care of. Some of them are bed redden and some are "up and at 'em" as Sister Annabelle Raiche told us.
The Sisters of Saint Joseph live out all of the church models. One model that they live out that really stood out is the model of mystical communion. According to an article on the six models of Church, "In the Christian Testament, the church is often described as the Body of Christ. The community of believers--professing Christian faith, caring for one another, celebrating the Eucharist together, serving the poor--becomes the body of Jesus on earth. And the different parts of...

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