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The Social, Economic, Legal And Moral Effects Of Ict On Society

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The Social, Economic, Legal and Moral Effects of ICT on Society

I will be looking in detail at all aspects and results of ICT on
society on a whole. By doing this I hope to grasp and look in detail
at the benefits and misgivings on what seems to have been a global
change which has an impact as large as that since the birth of the
telephone by Alexander Graham bell.

Undoubtedly communications technology has revolutionised extremely
fast in the past years, it has grown from a phone which resembled the
old house hold brick to devises which can be the small the household
computer mouse. They also contain technology which enable you to send
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With such a broad scope it was inevitable that
people would eventually exploit or attempt to undermine it. From
hackers to prank callers. From thief's to crackers. From Courts to
Homes, ICT has had an overwhelming impact of society as a whole.

Mobile phone technology has progressed considerably, form the dot
matrix phones that resembled the local household brick to the small
video phone which people can buy and use today. The new generation of
3G mobiles enabling video conferencing, mail and much more, they are
essentially becoming microscopic computers used primarily used to
communicate with others. The moral aspects of this, is the more
expensive and more demand for these high expensive phones get, the
more there is demand for mobiles the more crime, as regards to theft,
muggings and burglary.

Crime in relevance to mobile phones is not just restricted to violet
theft regarding them; there are also situations where organised crime
is orcastrated using mobile phones. There are also situations where
nuisance calls are used by mobile phones and thus are causing
companies to loose business...

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