The Soviet Union, The United States, And The Roots Of The Korean War

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The Korean War was an episode in the Cold War. When the Soviet Union and U.S. fought over Communism and Democracy it caused war in Korea. Most people known this war as the Forgotten War. This is because it not was not nearly important as in the national consciousness of the United States as the Second World War, the Vietnam War, or the 1991 Gulf War. One reason that the Korean War has been 'forgotten' is that, with the exception of the Inchon landing, it seems boring and featureless. History would show the United States and the Soviet Union fighting as allies during World War II, their relationship after the war should have been friendly. The United States and The Soviet Union only joined ...view middle of the document...

United States put the problem of Korean independence before the United Nations. A United Nations Commission decided to hold elections in Korea. The communists in North Korea refused to allow the election. The communists in South Korea boycotted it. The government in South Korea was formed by the anti-communist Syngman Rhee called the Republic of Korea (ROK). In 1946, Kim II Sung organized a communist government in the north called the Democratic People's Republic. Each government hoped to reunify the country under its own rule.
President Truman believed that capitalism, freedom and the American way of life were in danger of being overrun by Communism and Truman realized the United States of America was in a competition for world domination with the Soviet Union. A number of events made Truman worried. The Soviet Union exploded an atomic bomb in 1949, ending the United States' monopoly on the weapon. Because of the Soviet Union’s actions in Greece and Turkey, documents were created to help Europe to fight communism. In early 1950, President Truman directed the National Security Council (NSC) to conduct an analysis of Soviet and American military capabilities. In its report, known as "NSC 68," the Council recommended heavy increases in military funding to help contain the Soviet Union.
By supporting South Korea, the United States was able to fight Communism without directly attacking Soviet Union. The communists were internationally viewed as slavery while the west was viewed as freedom. Within 2-5 years, the Soviet Union could be able to attack the United States with nuclear weapons, which could win a world war. So the United States would then need to increase military troops in order to fight communists everywhere around the world. Stalin wanted Communism to grow but he did not want military conflict because the Soviet Union was not ready for it. Stalin came up with several reasons why the South Korea should invade North Korea. First, it would increase the defense of East Asia. Second, it would help the Soviet Union defense before Japan could come back into full power and he also wanted war to tie up the People’s Republic of China to be on the Soviet Union’s side of the war.
On 25 June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea. The North Korean invasion was viewed as a threat to the United States. The United States had no official treaty to defend South Korea. President Harry Truman ordered military troops into action on June 27, and three days later authorized air attacks in North Korea. He also began to prepare troops for the coming battles. After three years of many conflicts, the Korean War was formally ended after Communists signed a second cease-fire on July 27, 1953.
Nuclear threats proved that the United States was getting more aggressive and may have assisted the communists with the decision to end the war. But however, three years of war was costly. The downage of troops, destruction of industry, and the...

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