The Spanish Curreny Crisis Essay

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Spanish escudo
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The escudo was the name of two distinct Spanish currency denominations.
* 1 Gold escudo
* 1.1 Coins
* 2 Silver escudo
* 2.1 Coins
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Gold escudo[edit]

An Eight Escudo Coin
The first escudo was a gold coin introduced in 1535/1537, with coins denominated in escudos issued until 1833. It was initially worth 16 reales. When different reales were introduced, the escudo became worth 16 reales de plata in 1642, then 16 reales de plata fuerte or 40 reales de vellón from 1737.
Gold coins were issued in denominations of ½, 1, 2, 4 and 8 escudos, with the 2 escudos coin known as the doubloon. Between 1809 and 1849, coins denominated as 80, 160 and 320 ...view middle of the document...

The later silver escudo was worth one quarter of the earlier, gold escudo.
Copper coins were issued in denominations of ½, 1, 2½ and 5 céntimos de escudo, with silver 10, 20 and 40 céntimos de escudo, 1 and 2 escudos, and gold 2, 4 and 10 escudos. The 1 escudo was introduced in 1864, followed by the other silver and gold coins in 1865 and the copper coins in 1866. All the coins were minted until 1868, with 10 escudos also minted in 1873 during the First Republic.
See also[edit]
* Portuguese escudo
* Krause, Chester L., and Clifford Mishler (1991). Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1801–1991 (18th ed.). Krause Publications. ISBN 0873411501.
External links[edit]
* The Colonial Coinage of Spanish America: An introduction by Daniel Frank Sedwick
* Currencies of Spain
* Coins of Spain
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