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The Speckled Band Essay

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The Speckled Band

It is a quarter past seven in the morning, in the early April 1889, when Watson and Holmes, the private detectives are woken up by a lady, in her 30s, pale and drawn, shaking with fear. She tells Holmes, that she is broke now, therefore she can’t pay him anything now and Holmes says it’s no problem to him. The lady then tells Holmes her story.
The lady’s name is Helen Stone, and she’s living with her Stepdad who’s a last living of a great English family, the Royoltts. They were once very rich, however now left with nothing but an old house, heavily damaged. Helen’s dad, Royoltts, being poor, went to India to earn some money and unfortunately gets robbed. He blames and beats his indian butler to death, which is the reason he is sent to the prison for a while. He then marries Helen’s mother, a young widow ...view middle of the document...

Royoltt obviously isn’t fond of the idea, but exactly two weeks before Julia’s marriage, Julia is killed. That night, Julia is disturbed by the smell of her stepdad’s heavy indian tobacco, so she goes over to her sister’s room to talk about her upcoming marriage. At about 11, just before Julia was going back to her room to sleep, she asks Helen if she hears any sort of whistle at around three in the morning. Helen, who finds it weird, says no. They think it’s the people in the lawn. Helen suggests Julia to lock her door before sleeping, because of the wild animals out in their lawn. That night, Helen finds it hard to sleep because she thinks something bad is going to happen. Just then, she hears Julia screaming. She rushes into Julia’s room and hears her last words. “ Oh my god, Helen! It was the band! The speckled band! “ She then finds her stepfather, a doctor who rushes to help Julia, but fails. Holmes asks Helen if Julia had any clothes on, and Helen says no, and adds on saying that Julia had a match in her hand. Julia’s windows were barred and locked. And there was no bruises in her body.
Helen is now engaged to a guy called Percy. Royoltt, this time has agreed to their marriage and the couple is getting married in the spring. Two days ago, due to the construction of Helen’s room, she has been sleeping in her sister’s room. And she has, heard the whistling noise in the room, right where Julia died. And that’s the reason Helen called Holmes for help. Holmes sees bruises on Helen’s arms, and finds out that her dad abuses her. Holmes asks if Watson can come up to the house without her stepdad knowing. Helen agrees. At night, Holmes and Watson secretly gets in Helen’s house and investigates. He finds out that there is a ventilator between Julia’s and her stepdad’s room, from how she smelt her stepdad’s tobacco. And that Royoltt has a pet kept in his safe, a snake, which is trained to kill both of his step daughters. If Julia’s hasn’t went to the place for

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