The Speed Of Film Essay

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Joshua Sissoyev
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Ms. Schulz
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Multi-Media Production
“The Speed Of Film”
Imagine a world of utter spectacular perfection, so beautiful and amazing that one must share it with everyone possible. The only problem is that they cannot see the creation that is locked in your mind. Sure one could describe these tales through vivid writing, but it will still seem to lack substance. It is said that, “One picture is worth ten thousand words” (Fred R. Barnard, 1927) and yet even a single imagine falls short of an imagination. However, the speed of film has managed to capture even the most creative of minds. High resolution film moves with 60 perfectly ...view middle of the document...

A producer gets to be more creative with their work. Dudley Andrew, a professor of film, says, “I find it more useful… to build an overall view of film” (Concepts of Film Theory, page 3) which is exactly what a producer does. Since they are observing the project as a whole they are going to be able to help out with all the major aspects of filming. Such as the cinematography, lighting, and editing. Producers also have to help out with the other aspects, as well as the business portion of film production. However, the best part about video production is the editing because that’s where the magic happens. This is the stage of production where effects are added onto raw footage to make dreams into a reality.
The minimum educational requirement for a producer is a bachelor’s degree. It is not crucial to have a formal education in film production; however it has the potential to increase the chance of you getting hired. In this fast industry it is more about who you know rather than what you know. A great example of this phenomenon can be found in James Cameron’s biography, A Drive of Titanic Proportions. This biography details his ascent from making small independent films, to large box office hits without the aid of education. Although he is a not a producer, it still shows that you do not need an education to succeed in the film industry. James Cameron is now commonly known as the director of the latest 3D feat, Avatar. He was not always this famous though. He was born in Kapuskasing Canada, and grew up wanting to work with film. He carried that goal throughout his high school career and into college, which he attended in Niagara Falls. A few years into his studies he dropped out of college and began making independent films with his friends. After several years of struggling to break into the mainstream Hollywood film industry he finally got a break with Piranha II: Spawning Ground due to his social status. While working on that he made connections with more people and was now being taken more seriously. Now that he was a credible director he was able to pitch his other movie ideas to larger film corporations. From then on he continued writing and directing films such as Titanic, Abyss, and Terminator. He may not have a formal film education, but because of his socialization and determination he was able to become one of the most renowned directors of our century.
One of the first pieces of film ever recorded was done by Eadweard Muybridge. He was sponsored by one of his colleagues, Leland Stanford, to attempt to record a horse in motion. He achieved this by setting up a series of cameras timed to each go off one after another when a horse came galloping by. Once he had all of the pictures, he put them together in sequential order, much like the process of making a flip book. A breakthrough was made in 1889, by William Friesed-Greene, who created the chronophotograph camera. It was capable of taking up to ten photos every second using...

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