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The Spirit Of Freedom Essay

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What is Freedom? A question often asked but rarely answered. I’ll tell you in what way the ‘Spirit of Freedom’ speaks to me.

Freedom is having the ability to effect change, the capacity to let your voice be heard, turning your words and thoughts into actions instead of keeping them inside and letting them devour you. Seizing opportunities and using them to turn your dreams into reality, taking chances to experiment with your innermost desires… that are what it really means to be free.

If you think freedom means revolting against those who guide you, living without restriction and forcing your opinion on others, well you’re wrong. That is merely arrogance. Have the open mind to be able to ...view middle of the document...

Give your body, mind and soul wings to soar and then reach for your every dream.

‘Freedom is a mixture of triumph and tragedy; it is the basis of all morality.’ Your mind being free to believe in possibility, not being bitter over life’s disappointments but knowing that only in the black of night can you see the stars... these are ideas you believe in once you are free, once you are mature enough to know the difference. Being able to see the world through your own eyes, and not through the eyes of another, that’s freedom... being able to make your own choices.

If you let it; if you break free from what holds you with such a tight grip, and smothers you; there are so many things that the world has to offer.

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who’s struggling or afraid, but that feeling’s a lie. And if you find the courage to hold on, someone or something will find you, free you and help you see the magic hidden in the world.

Most people don’t get it, and may not understand that… that’s the sad part. Because you don’t get an eternity to make mistakes and fool yourself, you get just one lifetime. And you have to step up, push back with all your might...

Because life is going to knock you down, beat you up and tear you apart, and if you don’t have your sense of freedom and independence, you’re not going to make it. You need to find the strength to fight the battle awaiting you. That’s what freedom is really. Getting through challenges, with just yourself to count on. And if you make it, you’re the winner...and you’re finally set free. That’s the true spirit of freedom.

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