The Spirit Of The Philippines, In Chicago

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Begin your journey at the shoreline of Lake Michigan, through which you take a quick elevator ride and end up on the sandy shores of Apo Island in the Philippines.Just kidding! You are actually in the mystical John G. Shedd Aquarium exhibit, which encapsulate the vivid sounds, attractions, and atmosphere of Apo Island. This all is the "Wild Reef," which will be a permanent exhibit. It ...view middle of the document...

Visitors may dive into the 400,000 gallon tank consisting of at least 25 sharks. The water in the tank is a dark blue for the effect of deep sea and it has sound effects. Across from the shark exhibit is the stingray exhibit. Sharks and stingrays swimming around create many "oohs" and "aahs" in the audience.There are computers so people can build their own sharks, and then the computer says a little bit about that shark and if the created shark matches none, it blows up on the screen. After the eels, frogfishes, and other nature, the exuberant experience ends and you revisit the shore to gather knowledge about the Apo Island existence.This Wild Reef and exhibits costs about $47 million. The Apo Island was chosen to illustrate that peacefulness be achieved between man and animal. For many years the inhabitants of the Apo Island used detrimental methods to bring the fish up for catches, but when they were at a threat they approved to not fish in certain areas and to not use such destructive methods. The final exhibit is about the way they maintain and grow their coral.

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