The Spread Of Technology This Essay Is About Where Technology Has Come From And Where It May Be Headed In The Future

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As technology advances, its educational applications will evolve as well.The role of the schools will no longer be the same. Teachers and parents may need to receive training to catch them up to speed with the computer skills of their students and children. Many universities have already adopted the on-line courses as an option. This may be ...view middle of the document...

Professors will have time to research, since on line courses are easily updated and once the basics have been created, they will spend less time in front of a class, but more time in research. The teacher will act as a guide in the students' learning and the use of technology will be encouraged. Computers will be used to help simulate and model real world problem-based situations, which will better prepare students for life. A new approach will be used, so that students can make connections across the curriculum and "core" subjects of math, english, history and science will become more integrated. Students learn the best if they are interested and motivated to learn. By the year 2020, I hope that education with the aid of technology begin to address the needs of students.

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