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The State As An Incompetent Caretaker

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The state has become an incompetent caretaker of the sensible human mind.
As Danish citizens, we have become used to letting the state make the decisions that will make – or break -our entire future as individuals – ignoring that our individual aspect will have enormous impact on our collective and public inheritage.

We are all accustom to this situation. Haven’t we all tried giving our entire responsibility to someone else, - letting them do the work for us – with the demoralizing result that the product of the ‘trusted person’, was so incomplete - that we just know we could have done a better job ourselves!!
Therefore I say; let’s stop having these inferiority complexes about our own reasonable minds! Let’s stop giving the responsibility to someone who will destroy our raw, uncut potential!

Sadly, the fact is that ...view middle of the document...

This power is possessed by the politicians in our ‘Folketing’. These politicians will do just about anything to keep this political power. The way the politicians do so, is by letting their focus be the same as the focus of the media. (Hold this thought)
Now, when we pay our taxes as good citizens, we think we’re doing a good job, letting the state channel out our money to the ones who need them.
Now, we need to remember how politicians kept their own jobs.
These politicians will therefore spend the state treasure on things that will benefit themselves! Letting the money be used to things that the media is having their focus on at the moment.
And we can’t ignore the fact that when our tax-money go through that many instances of state institutions, the money will be spend worse at each step – since it is a fact that people handle people’s money with less respect than their own!

With the term ‘tax’ being mentioned, you must by now understand - this will not go unnoticed.
By taking up to 65% of our hard-worked salaries, the state is active in the progress of spending this amount of money for us! Making choices on our behalf, deciding what we need!
F.x. We would be forced to support public healthcare and education, even though we use the private industry and education. Furthermore, the state decides if we should smoke or not, and the state even decides what food we should eat? What is this? Communist Russia at its peak??!

Why can’t we make these decisions ourselves? Why does the state choose to undermine us by doing so?

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