The Story Of A Prince Essay

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 The Story of a Prince

He grew up in Halden, Norway, in the very early 1500's. He was an average prince, none too shy or

polite, he was of average height and was skinny in his childhood and adulthood. He had light brown

hair, and cloud blue eyes. His features were long, and chiseled. His mind was sharp, and adventurous.

He learned quickly, and grew bored even quicker. He was not understood well, especially as a young

man or boy, as most princes such as himself dreamed of the largest of castles and the most handsome of

crowns. Kingdoms to rule, battles to win, and servants to serve utmost willingly before him at his very

command. But this prince ...view middle of the document...

He wanted to study philosophers who brought

purpose forth to him and others. Whose writings and plays, whose teachings filled all around them with

inspiration, hope, and something more to think of. The schools choosings were the kind that made

children as extravagant as himself want to shatter their ear drums, and never pick up another book in

their life. It seemed to him that many of the children who never dared return to the school made nothing

substantial of themselves, and he wanted not the same fate. So he went, and he bit his tongue. He

retained only what he had to, and blocked all else out.

There came a time when the prince no longer had to go to a school such as that one, and so chose he

to stay home at his palace. And for about two months he was able to partake in whatever it was he

wanted, before his training as a prince truly began. The prince, knowing this, spent as much of his time

doing what he wanted to as possible. Among this included many of his festivities being placed

outdoors, in the sunshine and occasionally, in the moon glow. He found in this time that he grew to love

astrology, and became quick at arithmetic. He had found many things of interest he had not seen before,

including simple sciences of stones and nature. He found common flowers all the more interesting, and

rocks upon the ground more entertaining than before. Much more beauty was seen with his own eyes

than prior to his freedom from schooling.

Though for him, another thing of detest had grown into his daily routine. This was the training of a

prince, in which he was taught how to fight and fence like a king, he was taught how to ride a horse of

a knights caliber and above, and was taught how to be a gentleman instead of a simple boy as he had

been. His training was severe, and often painful due to how strenuous it was on his muscles and body

which were then, almost feeble. He never did work them when he was young as most boys did. He had

rather spent his time reading books of fairytale and studying a strange bug that by perchance happened

to cross his way. But in his strenuous workout, teachings and routines, he always managed to read a

book, late at night. Often these books were of simple sciences, and occasional astrology. Poems by the

chapters, novels by the tens, and plays by the hundreds were stored in his library for he alone. For he

placed them there for his own readings, and none other. When books bore him he would lay on his

terrace and look up at the stars for himself. He would test his memory to recall as many constellations

as possible, and would count the stars until he would fall asleep. On these nights the prince happened to

sleep, he would be awoken by a frigid rain, and on occasion, an intruder rapping at his chamber door.

Only this, and nothing more.

If you should fast forward a couple years in his...

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