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The Strength Of Intelligence(The Tinderbox) Essay

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The Tinderbox is not the regular fairy tale brought to children and community by Hans Christian Anderson, nevertheless, this story still has the regular princess in a tower saved by a regular town man. This fairy tale is about a soldier who has just finished his duties in the war and is on his way to find a town where he may be able to settle down in. On the path he is taking he finds a witch that needs a tinderbox found inside of a hollow tree. The witch sent the soldier who gladly goes, for his reward is all the gold he can carry back which is also found in the tree. In the end, the soldier has possession of the tinderbox which holds magical powers. The attitude and actions of the soldier ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, the soldier proved to be a good soldier and gentleman when the story said this of him, “ However, he passed a very pleasant time; went to the theatre, drove in the King’s garden, and gave a great deal of money to the poor, which was very good of him.”(Andersen 3). The soldier, also called by the town a gentleman, did not forget about those who had nothing. He always gave to the poor while he had money. The town people not only knew him as a gentleman but also a good soldier, “ Good soldier, you shall be our king, and you shall marry the beautiful Princess.”(Andersen 5). The people in the town recognized he was a good soldier since he had overpowered the King. The town decided he would serve as a good king because of this.
Thirdly, the soldier likes to have status and attention as the story proves, “ Now he was rich, had fine clothes, and many friends, who all declared he was a fine fellow and a real gentleman, and all this gratified him exceedingly.”(Andersen 3). As a soldier before he was rich, he was a good man but not known to everyone. After he became rich, people started to know his name and because of this the soldier gained status in the town. Having status pleased him very much since he had not had that before. After...

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