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The Stucco House By Ellen Gilchrist

777 words - 4 pages

The Stucco House by Ellen Gilchrist

"The Stucco House" by Ellen Gilchrist is a story about
seven year old boy named Teddy who lives with his mother
and step father, Eric. Because of the existing
circumstances concerning his family's relationships,
especially between his mom and step dad, the boy seems
"scared of everything" as seen by Eric. However this fear
is not fear in the pure sense but is mixed in with other
emotions such as confusion, disappointment and uncertainty.
The child's true fear is losing his stepfather Eric
resulting from a possible future divorce from his mother.
The author implies that Teddy is a sad and disappointed
with his mothers past failed ...view middle of the document...

"(p. 31) We also get the feeling that his step dad also
protects him from them. But, as mentioned before, Teddy is
confused and disappointed more than being afraid although
these emotions can mingle in so many ways in the child's
mind. He is confused about the relationship of his mother
and stepfather and also about his relationship with his
uncle and grandparents. From the perspective of a seven
year old mind, all these familial interactions cannot be
understand and could never make sense to a child such as
In another part of the story, Ellen Gilchrist shows
that Teddy fantasizes about escaping his situation. While
keeping watch of his ill mother, he reads one of his older
brother's books called The Big Green Book which tells the
story of a young boy who, while living with a mean aunt and
uncle, discovers a book of magic spells. This boy learns
how to use these spells to become animals or make himself
invisible or "do anything he wanted to do."(p.33)
Gilchrist is showing the reader that Teddy would probably
like to have this power to escape his unfortunate
circumstances. Teddy also tries to make use of the power...

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