The Study Of Child Development Through A Visual Arts Workshop

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TALABAN "Child Development Through Visual Arts"CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTIONBACKGROUND OF THE STUDYThe lack of youth empowerment has become a grave issue found not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well as seen in the various campaigns to engage the youth in matters in society. In the Villa Reyes Bambang community, 172 out of the 715 members of the community belong to the age group one year to twelve years old. This age group represents 24% of the population. The study targets the skills of creativity, resourcefulness, independence, and responsibility, which are linked to youth empowerment, through a visual arts workshop.Based on the questionnaire conducted in the community of Villa Reyes ...view middle of the document...

Addressing two main problems:Was there an improvement in the Children's art skills based on a given pre-test and post-test?Is art education an effective way of improving the children's independence and responsibility in working?SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe study was conducted in order to empower the youth through harnessing their skills in the field of arts and crafts. Eighty percent of the target age range is not exposed to lessons on visual arts. The study aims to expose them to the basic skills of visual arts appropriate for their age, specifically coloring and painting. Furthermore, it aims to bring to the target community group the proved benefits of art education in child development.Presently, there are no youth groups or organizations targeted to the three to six years age group that engage art skills. The study aims to broaden the interests of the youth present in the community by introducing new mediums of art and skills in creating visual arts. By broadening their interests, the youth members will be more empowered to take on various fields of hobbies and interests.The study aims to primarily improve the participants' art skills, specifically in coloring and painting. The participants will also be able to engage their skills at an early age so that the foundations may be built early on. Also, the study aims to develop independence and responsibility among the participants. The parents of the participants will be able to aid their child's intrinsic development through allowing them to be exposed to the visual arts workshops. Furthermore, the study aims children to promote productivity, time management skills and camaraderie.SCOPE AND DELIMITATIONThe study covers the effectiveness of a visual arts workshop in improving the participants' art skills in color recognition, coloring, tracing, and painting. This study covers the specific skills taught by the workshop facilitators through a seminar and tested through a pretest and posttest.The study involves seven members and residents of Villa Reyes barangay Bambang in Pasig City, specifically members of the youth, those within the age group three years to six years old. Only willing members, invited through a questionnaire, will be included in the study.The study only assesses its objectives through the outputs instructed during encounter periods and the home assignments given. The study bases the rating of the outputs through a given criteria. The criteria address the skills taught during the workshop period and assess the key lessons taught such as neatness, color accuracy, and completion. The capability will be tested using a pre-test covering the skills that will be taught to them in four encounters. The sustainability will be based on the continual attendance of the participants.The study does not cover how the lessons can indicate productivity in other ways shown in the non-required, non-instructed outputs the participants accomplish outside of the curriculum. The study does not...

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