The Sumatran Mentawai Islands Earthquake Essay

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October 25 2010, Occurred A 7.7 magnitude of earthquake under the sea in The west coast of Sumatra Mentawai Islands,Indonesia, The Earthquake triggered a tsunami hit totally 27 villages, 6 villages were destroy in a devastating damage, only a few survived. As of press time, the tsunami has caused 343 deaths and 338 missing. After that, the Local officials of Indonesia said the rescue workers found a large number of dead bodies. They expected the death toll will certainly rise. So far, the tsunami has caused 509 deaths and 21 people missing in Mentawai Islands, Currently, they found 450 dead bodies can be identified. Statistics about 11,400 refugees have lost their homes after the tsunami. Now, they still live in temporary shelters.
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Local time on November 1, the Mount Merapi volcano eruption of smoke and ash again, rushed 6 km of sky. Now, Indonesia's National Disaster Management Authority said Merapi volcano internal movement now has been a sharp slowdown, the eruption have no life-threatening to the people.
October 27, while the rescue workers and supplies have arrived in the most disaster area but People who survive still did not get enough relief in the most worst affected area call North Bagheri Island. When the Reporters on the scene, they saw dozens of wounded sat slouched on the grass, although the rescue workers busy run up and come down but they still can not help the most people. One female nurse, said: "too little manpower, we need more doctors and specialists." Based on the reports above, we can see the situation is still not optimistic
Now I do little look back about the Natural disasters in Sumatra, Indonesia, in 2004 there had been 9.2 magnitudes of earthquakes and tsunami caused 230,000 deaths. Since then, many countries in the coast of Indian Ocean have established a tsunami warning system. Because Indonesia supported by Germany, in 2008 Indonesia completed install a tsunami warning system device too, however, a month ago, because of the lack of adequate maintenance, the warning systems stop working, then it can not alert. But The governor said, even if they sound the alarm, the results would not be any change, because when it happen, we can not imagine how fast and how it damage, only can do is run as soon as possible.

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