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The Sun Form The Lost World

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Friday nights were always uneventful for Sands. While her friends were spending quality time with their respective lovers, she was stuck at home. But she never complained. It actually was good for her, to take a break from her loud mates and the generally noisy world. The break meant climbing on her roof, watching the stars. It became a habit over the years.
Her father used to climb to the roof whenever he and her mother were upset at each other, of after a fight. She wondered why he went there, so she asked him.
“Because the stars won’t be mad at me,” he said in a playful manner and she laughed, taking it as a joke. But, as she grew up and her father left their family, she realized he was ...view middle of the document...

Probably texting, Sands thought. The other sister had her back turned to her as she leaned on the short wooden white fence, making only her blonde hair and black clothes be seen through the spaces between the wood boards.
Sands looked away, wondering why those people kept working after sundown. She shrugged her thoughts away and decided to give the blonde another look. It was odd, seeing someone blonde close to her. She saw fellow students dyeing their hair in light tones of brown or red, but never in blonde or anything unnatural, especially since her high school was quite conservative. That girl had to be some weird non-conformist.
She lay on the roof as she finished half of the pack of crackers and put her hands on her flat belly. It wasn’t fully dark yet, so she had time to rest her eyes for a while. The school day had been quite hard due to the hard classes of Math and the school drama she had to watch in the cafeteria. But she survived it, and she didn’t have to work on Fridays to Sundays, thank God.
“Hey!” a voice had her open her eyes and looked around, and down once she remembered she was sitting on the roof. There, on her lawn stood the blonde girl, an amused smile plastered on her face. Sands couldn’t see her face clearly, but the eyeliner around her small eyes was evident. “What are you doing up there?” She gestured toward the roof, as if she needed to know what up there meant.
Sands shrugged slightly.
“Waiting for the stars to appear,” she simply responded, her voice coming out hoarse. She cleaned her throat as the blonde nodded and opened her mouth to speak again.
“That’s cool,” she appreciated. “I’m Lee Chae, by the way.” She did a small wave of her hand as she spoke her name. “My family just moved here… But I’m pretty sure you know that...

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