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Mary Louise Nipper June 18, 2010 Principles of Composition ENG0099 KP Instructor Wilson Week 6 Assignment 3 Final Draft “The Sun Porch” I awoke early this morning, anxious to get out to the sun porch with my coffee. There is nothing I know of that compares to that first cup in the morning, and being in the place I love the most, enjoying my coffee is what I call a, “ Heavenly” experience. I find that in the daily hustle and bustle of grandkids, housework and cooking, I can get pretty stressed out and to destress I go to my,” Place of Tranquility.” I bask in the glorious surroundings that soothe my soul and calm my mind. Directly to the right of the sun porch is the gold fish pond. All is quiet except for the ...view middle of the document...

Delicate to the touch are the petals of the gladiolus in the garden not far from the sun porch. They are exquisite in their various shades of color: the majestic purple stands tall and erect, the lovely white reveals the essence of purity: the pretty pinks are saturated with preciousness, and not forgotten are the yellow ones that are tender to the touch and become golden in the sun. They all have their special place in the garden and are viewed affectionately. On the left of my favorite place are the gardenia bushes, unlike the white of the gladiolus, they are the color of antique white and the petals are more dense. When a gentle breeze is blowing this little flower lets off a heavenly fragrance that fills the air with a sweet incense that brings delight to the sense of smell.

This morning I heard the voices of my winged feathered friends: not just one or two, but the trees were filled with the birds singing in harmonious praise. I listened attentively as one would start, then another until the whole choir was assembled in unison. I enjoyed their live presentation and I wanted an encore, but I guess they were through with their concert and flew away to entertain elsewhere. Oh, how my soul is blessed to see the beauty all around me that I often overlook: to hear the glorious praise that uplifted my soul today and to touch the loveliness of nature’s gifts: The greatest lesson I have learned this week is not to be so caught up with life’s tasks: stop and for a few moments, take my coffee and sit on the sun porch, for it will surely make the difference in my day. Mary Louise Nipper

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