The Surroundings Of Man Essay

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The Surroundings of Man
     Is man really born with a evil persona or a persona that is
worthy as an angel or is man born naked for a reason because he
has nothing to bring to this world but himself? A person is not
innately any characteristic, he was brought to the world from
love and must choose to love or not. Mother Theresa explains
this best by saying, “Everyone was created to be loved and to
love.” The novel, Lord of the Flies, has characters that were not
brought to the island good or evil, but has characters that
changed because the atmosphere that they are in changed them.
Because of the environment that you are in makes you become a
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Events are a primary device that
causes people to act a certain way. If the characters didn’t live
so close together and taunt Piggy, would he have acted the way
he did through the course of the novel?
     Being brought into particular situations can alter your life.
To cite an instance, a child being taken from his home, the only
place he knew, and put into a foster home would be a particular
situation that could alter one’s life. The other place he lived in
may have been harmful to his well-being and it was a positive
occurrence that he was brought out of his home. On the other
hand, the foster home could affect his well-being in a more
negative way than his old home. The Lord of the Flies is based
upon the fact that these children were suddenly thrusted into a
new environment that in the end affected them in a very negative
way. The conversation Ralph has with the naval officer in the
end expresses how a person from the outside can’t believe that
children could be killing each other just because they are alone
on an island; the officer says,” We saw your smoke. What have
you been doing? Having a war or something?” (201). The truth
was that their new environment, the island, was a big reason
that did really have a war with each other. Changing an
environment may have an effect on a person in many different

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